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The Essentials Eyes

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Our eye brushes will kiss your lids.


    The B.U. BEAUTY The Essential Eyes Brush Set is a high-grade vegan collection of 7 eye makeup brushes. They bring the how and the wow to every application.

    The soft, synthetic bristles are made from 100% naturally hypoallergenic synthetic fur, designed to mimic real fur (which is a big no-no from us!). Using modern technology, the brushes will glide, sweep and smoke all of your eye looks with comfort and performance. From diffused finishes to strong graphics, the uber-soft bristles will ensure your colours blend out and inwards with ease. No pulling or tugging on the sensitive eye area, and you are guaranteed a mess-free application.

    The range of 7 brushes are multi functional and interchangeable - that’s right, you can use any brush for more than one purpose, only led by your creativity and imagination. Named for guidance, the set includes:

    - Crease Blend
    - Universal Base Shadow
    - Precise Shadow
    - Eyeliners & Brows
    - Precision Liner
    - Brow & Lash Spoolie
    - Precision Detail

    Soft day looks to strong sultry glam, you can craft your eye looks in minutes using both wet or dry formulas. From soft pointed, domed and densely flat, the B.U. BEAUTY The Essentials Eye Brush Set can work with any cream, liquid or powder formula.


    - 100% naturally hypoallergenic synthetic bristle brushes
    - 7 multi-use and versatile eye brushes
    - Vegan and cruelty-free
    - Eco-conscious
    - Made from eco-conscious glue and paint (handle) and eco-conscious dye (bristles)
    - Perfect for sensitive skin with extra soft bristles
    - Arrives in 100% fully recyclable packaging. No single-use plastic ever!
    - Practical holder inserts inside to perfectly store and protect your brushes


    Goods will normally be delivered within 30 calendar days, if you are located within the United Kingdom, after the date of Our Order Confirmation unless otherwise agreed or specified during the Order process (subject to delays caused by events outside of Our control). If you are located outside of the United Kingdom then we cannot guarantee when you will receive your Goods. As guidance the timescales are between 30 calendar days to 180 calendar days depending where you are located. 

    What's Included?

    Crease Blend

    Soft, tapered design for effortless shaping using powder or cream shadow.

    Universal Base Shadow

    Finely tapered bristles for buildable all over the lid application.

    Precise Shadow

    Short and dense for maximum color pick up and even distribution.

    Precision Detail

    Tiny domed brush especially created for the most precise work around the eyes. Ideal for adding shimmer/highlighter in the tear duct area, applying liner on the lower lash line.

    Eyeliner & Brows

    Creates straight cat eyes & designs across the lid. Perfect for using with brow products for hair stroke looks.

    Precision Liner

    Creates crisp lines of liquid or gel eyeliners.

    Brow & Lash Spoolie

    Perfect for the application of the mascara, separating lashes & grooming brows. The professional brush ensures perfect lash and brows everyday.