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Best New Makeup Trends in 2022

We all know that makeup trends, just as any other trends don’t really settle for too long (and thanks God for that, cos let's be honest, some trends should have never been started.)

As we’ve learned over the last few pandemic years, life is definitely uncertain, and while we could skip some fun makeup trends that might look silly and funny in 10 years time, that’s just no way to live. Right?

But one thing we do know is applying makeup has never been so easy with our makeup brushes, follow these trends below to see how you can use our brushes to create that 2022 makeup look!

Makeup Trends You Need To Follow

If you are ready to join us on this 2022 best new makeup trend journey, just keep scrolling for the most trendy/prettiest looks. 

Neon eyeliner trend for 2022

Kendall Jenner's Neon Green Eyeliner Look | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Yes, we know that this trend is not new. Neon eyeliner looks been trending all over the cat-walk, instagram in 2021 and it’s here to stay. Yay!

Neon eyeliner is one of our favourite makeup trends for 2022, because it can be a whole makeup look on it’s own, no eyeshadow, sharp contour or bold lip required. It might take you a few tries to master it, we recommend using Precision Liner brush from our eyeshadow brush set with a eyeshadow of choice (can be powder eyeshadow or cream eyeshadow. Or you can simply spray some setting spray on the powder eyeshadow to create your own costume made eyeliner shade!). 

Bold lips trend in 2022

Selena Magnetic Eyelashes | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Yep, you’ve guessed it right, the bold lip trend isn't going away anytime soon. If you’re not sure which shade works best for you, start by narrowing down your skin undertones first, which will help you choose between a warmer or cooler toned lip shade. Or simply try it all to see which one suits you the best and which one you love the most.

Don’t you think that it’s just something empowering about wearing the bold lip. 

Bold lip makeup trend is great as it can just be worn on its own, no need for bold eyeshadow, eyeliner look if you don’t feel like wearing one. However if you want that finished look with foundation make sure you use our foundation brushes for that polished look.

Extra-fluffy brows trend in 2022

Dua Lipa Makeup Pink | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Once again - fluffy brows is not a new trend, but a trend that we are more than happy to embrace.

There are a few ways to master the fluffy brow trend: 

-get your eyebrows laminated,

-DIY them with the soap brows hack (we recommend using Lash & Brow Spoolie for that within our eyeshadow brush set),

-comb them up with a clear or tinted eyebrow gel or hair spray (once again we recommend using Lash & Brow Spoolie).

Glossy lips trend in 2022

Zendaya Natural Makeup Look | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

What we absolutely don't mean by glossy lips is the overly sticky lip gloss that's bound to catch any and every rogue hair it can find. What we do mean is a non sticky lip gloss with tiny touch of pigment and/or shimmer that'll give your lips a soft, natural glow.

Blurred smoky eyeliner makeup trend in 2022

Meghan Markle Look | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

As much as we love a sharp, crisp cat-eye eyeliner moment, we are absolutely obsessed with diffused winged eye makeup look that is trending in 2022. 

It's soft, subtle, and it's very easy to create. Instead of using liquid/gel eye liner, pack your favourite colour eyeshadow on a small eyeshadow brush. We recommend to start by doing the eyeliner shape using Eyeliner & Brows brush, then blend it along the inner corner of your eyes using the Precision Eyeshadow brush, extending it out into a wing that almost touches your eyebrows. Blend until you're left with a softly smoked eyeliner finish.

 Burgundy/bold lip makeup trend in 2022

Shay Mitchell Dark Lipstick | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Yup, you are right - the ‘90s are still back, and probably will be every year until forever. Well, at least we hope so. What is trendy in 2022? We think the grunge makeup inspired burgundy lips. All you have to do is just layer on a bold burgundy lip colour (we recommend using The Precision Brush for that). Or, for a more “natural” not so bold/ blurred lip effect, dab lipstick on the centre of your lips, then smudge/ blend it out with your finger.

Glitter makeup trend in 2022

Gigi Hadid Gold Makeup | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Who doesn’t love a bit (or a lot) of a glitter? Well 2022 certainly does.

Whenever it’s on your eyes, your cheeks, your lips - there’s no wrong way to use it. What’s great about this makeup trend is that it takes all the attention. What we mean is, just like a bold lip, glitter makeup draws the eyes to it. The best way to apply glitter is by using a glitter primer first as this will make the glitter application faster, less messy & fuss free. Then use a precision makeup tool from one of our favourite eyeshadow brushes to apply the glitter without getting it everywhere. 

Bold two toned eyeshadow trend in 2022

Blue & Yellow Eyeshadow Makeup | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Why choose just one bold colour when you can go for two (or more!) in 2022! Try playing around with mixed eyeshadow colours, textures. It doesn’t even need to look symmetrical. Be bold & creative! There are absolutely no rules!

Green eyeshadow in 2022

Selena Gomez Green Eyeshadow | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

It looks like the green is having a major moment right now. We think green it the most ignored eyeshadow colour, but now we are absolutely obsessed. Just think of all green the variations: army, mint, lime, neon, forest green - just to name a few. The choices are truly limitless! If you go with any of them you'll be very much on trend this year.

This minimalist (graphic) eyeliner trend in 2022

Kendall Jenner Green Eyeliner | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

We are so super grateful for this minimalist eyeliner trend, since it doesn’t require makeup skills or time to create. Perfect makeup trend to rock if you haven’t mastered the full cat-eye eyeliner yet. This one is way easier to pull off—just pick up a liquid eyeliner or eyeshadow in your favourite colour and draw a small triangle on the outer corners of your eyes or a little line above the cut crease, inner eye corner, etc. We recommend one of our favourite makeup tools such as the The Eyeliner & brows and the Precise Eyeliner brushes for this.

Soft glam makeup look trend in 2022

Soft Glam Makeup Look | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Let us be honest, we do love Kardashian like sculpted cheekbones and blinding highlight, but we also very into 2022 soft glam makeup look trend. It’s a pared-down, laid-back version of the sharp glam instagram look. Instead of using contour sticks/kits and smokey eyeshadows, get yourself a soft blush (we recommend powder as it’s easier to use), fluffy new brushes (we recommend The Essentials Face brush set, the Blush Brush is the one that you need for this look) to blur the edges on everything from your contour, eyeliner to your eyeshadow. 

Statement blush trend in 2022

Rihanna Iconic Makeup Look | B.U. BEAUTY Brand

Yes, we can hear you - the statement blush makeup look was trending in 2021 as well. It looks that this statement makeup trend is taking over the 2022 too. If You are worried about the thin line between the statement blush and looking like a beetroot opt for an easy-to-blend powder blush rather than a liquid blush. We recommend using Blush Brush to apply it. Swipe the blush brush onto the powder blush (this brush should pick up just the right amount of the product, but if you are worried it can be too much, we recommend to tap the brush on to the hand before going with it onto the face), than blend it around the edges of your face in a C-shape. 

*please note that we don’t own rights to any images used in this blog post*

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