Makeup brush storage

How to store your makeup brushes

Storing your makeup brushes properly is essential for keeping them in tip-top shape and allowing them to last for years. Not only that, but taking care of your brushes also ensures that your makeup application looks its best every time you use them.

The first step to properly storing your makeup brushes is to clean them regularly. Makeup brushes accumulate dirt, oil, and bacteria over time, so it’s important to clean them with a gentle cleanser and warm water every week or two. This will help prevent any kind of skin irritation that could be caused by the buildup of bacteria.

Once your brushes are clean, it’s time to store them. One of the best ways to store your brushes is in a brush roll or case. This will keep the bristles from being bent or broken while also protecting them from dust and dirt.

You should also make sure to keep your brushes in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. The heat and light can cause your brushes to dry out, which can lead to bristles breaking off or becoming frayed. If you’re tight on space, you can invest in a makeup brush holder to keep your brushes standing up and taking up less space.

Finally, you should avoid using any kind of product on your brushes before storing them. This can cause buildup to form on the bristles, which can be difficult to remove. Instead, let your brushes dry on their own before packing them away.

Taking care of your makeup brushes is essential for keeping them in good shape for years to come. Clean them regularly, store them properly, and avoid adding any extra product, and your brushes will remain in good condition for years.
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