Can I Wash My B.U. BEAUTY Brushes In Warm, Cold Or Hot Water?

It’s super important for the hygiene and longevity of Your B.U. BEAUTY brushes that You use lukewarm water only when washing. Reason: hot water interacts with the raw materials used in our brushes and can cause for the bristles to become loose and lose their grip. Warm water will help dissolve the makeup effectively and not affect the bristles or the glues used to hold the bristles to the handle.

How Can I Store My B.U. BEAUTY Brushes After I Wash Them? And How Often Should I Wash Them?

We recommend washing Your makeup brushes around once every fortnight to ensure that bacteria is not settling in. In between washes, keep them covered or packed away so as air dust and dirt do not settle on to the bristles. After washing, shake out any excess water, and then lay flat or hang upside down where possible. 

What Are The B.U. BEAUTY Brushes Made From?

We use only 100% naturally hypoallergenic synthetic bristles for our brush heads and sustainable light wood handles. We work closely with manufacturer who shares our values, and we are vegan and cruelty-free all the way from process to production.

What Should I Use To Wash My B.U. BEAUTY Makeup Tools With?

We recommend using either baby shampoo or facial wash to gently clean Your brushes and rid of makeup build-up and bacteria. The Bye Bye Makeup pads are a perfect accessory to give Your brushes a quick and effective clean in between washes too. Simply give them a swirl and a wipe with either a wet or dry pad and You’re good to use for next time!

How Do I Wash My Bye Bye Makeup Pads?

These are so simple to wash and store! Just give them a rinse and leave to air dry. Being a soft micro fibre means that will dry in no time! (NB: The pads are good for up to 500 uses. Perhaps a super quick way for You to remember when it’s time to move onto the next pad is to roughly work out how many times per week You wear makeup and then multiply that by the weeks in the year.)

How Do I Use My Bye Bye Makeup Pads?

The pads are water activated so run them under lukewarm water for a couple of seconds, squeeze the access water out and simply wipe your day and makeup off with complete ease. The black side is for your initial cleanse, and the white is for the final cleanse and step.