How to protect your face skin form heat, sun & Sumer heatwaves?

How to protect your face skin form heat, sun & Sumer heatwaves?

We all know that wearing SPF daily no matter the weather is a must. But surely we could do more things to protect our faces from sun rays and heat.

Here are 5 ways on how you can prevent your skin from heat & sun.


Yes, this on is the obvious one. But, the first piece of advice is to wear sunscreen properly because uv rays can severely harm your skin. You should use sunscreen, sun creams, or sprays before leaving the house. Even while wearing fully-covered clothing, make sure you apply SPF.


The simplest way to remain hydrated is to drink enough water regularly. And no- you don’t have to down 2 litres of water in one go, as long as you are having a sip regularly - it should be enough. 

Water not only cools, but also cleanses your system and is great for your skin and hair, giving you a sparkling lustre all year.


A good diet is the first of defence to protect your skin from heatwaves. Vegetables & fruits are antioxidant rich - they function as oral sunscreens. Such foods can help you reverse the effects of damaging sun rays and function as a protective mechanism against oxidative stress produced by sun heat.


You really don’t want to wear a heavy makeup during the heatwave or while tanning in the sun. Not only it would melt off your face, it would also heavily clog your pores. We would highly recommend to stay light handed while applying makeup during the heatwave/summer. Lightweight makeup formulas are way much better choice than the heavier creams since they allow your skin to breath in hot temperatures. We recommend light weight water based foundations, BB, CC creams for a glowy, fresh look. Use waterproof mascara, lip and cheek tints, and blushes that are light on your skin.


A CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturise) routine should be your go-to skin care no matter the weather. Human pores tend to open in the heat due to more secretion sebum, the skin’s natural oil. Black heads & breakouts are caused by excessive oil, sweat and dirt clogging the pores.

We highly recommend Bye Bye Makeup reusable makeup remover pads to gently cleans and exfoliate your face morning and evening. 

It’s super soft and gentle on the skin and it removes even waterproof makeup without rubbing. It’s also perfect for removing daily grime, SPF. It gently exfoliates while removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking healthy, bright and radiant.


These simple and easy changes to your regular skin care routine can convert you from a hot mess to a radiant babe. 

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