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Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite holiday. 

It’s not the consumerism aspect that we love, it’s the idea of showing affection and appreciation to those we love the most. 

And, it’s the only holiday where it’s socially acceptable to express your love with bad puns.

There’s way too big an emphasis on romantic love – we think this day should be treated as a day to celebrate LOVE in ALL forms. Agree?

It’s a nice reminder to appreciate your friends and family.

Probably the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts are flowers, chocolates and plush teddy bear (which probably will end up collecting dust!).

We strongly believe that Valentine’s Day gifts can be sustainable and meaningful.

There are so many thoughtful ways to spend Valentine’s Day with those you love.

To help you celebrate, we are sharing with you some eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas! 


Pink Azalea | B.U. BEAUTY Brand


Gifting flowers is nice, but they often come wrapped in plastic and are likely grown overseas which results in a lot of carbon emission.

How about replacing flowers with the locally grown  potted plant (you could even get one from your local plant swap).

Not only living potted plant will last longer it can also be a nice reminder of your love for years to come.

There is literally millions of plants to choose from. Love flowers? Choose a plant that blooms regularly.

You can even choose a plant that will help to clear out pollutants in the home.

Homemade Valentine's Day Truffles | B.U. BEAUTY Brand


Instead of gifting chocolates from the convenience store, why not spoil your loved one with freshly made chocolates from your local organic patisserie/ bakery?

Or if you feel adventures you could even bake some cookies or make some chocolates yourself. There are tons of amazing easy to follow recipes available online (i.e., strawberries dipped in chocolate).

Love Notes for Valentines Day | B.U. BEAUTY Brand


If you are going to opt for a card, either make your own or buy a recyclable and Fair Trade one from a small business. 

It’s super easy to make your own card, it doesn’t need to be super fancy. You can use your own words or a funny pun. We guarantee that that card will be more treasured than any other card.

Soft Makeup Removing Pads | B.U. BEAUTY Brand


Buy a durable present that your loved one will keep for a long time and would use daily.

Great example would be Bye Bye Makeup Reusable Makeup Removing Pads (one set contains 3 pads). It can be used daily and it’s a great eco-friendly alternative to conventional makeup removing wipes (which are not recyclable and can be used only once). It’s stable for sensitive skin, extra soft & gentle, yet strong enough to remove even waterproof mascara without rubbing. Perfect for removing makeup, spf & daily pollution build up.

Gift Idea | B.U. BEAUTY Brand


Want to get a precious jewellery for your loved one? 

How about getting one from your local jeweller or a small boutique jewellery brand.

If you will opt for a precious stone jewellery make sure to get it from a jewellery company that traces its mining practices for precious stones and metals in order to ensure that it’s mined responsibly. Often, in gem cutting facilities, the dust from the cut stones gets into workers’ lungs.

If you are going to give fine jewellery as a gift this Valentine’s Day, there are loads of amazing local boutique brands to choose from. 

Also consider buying secondhand!

Romantic Valentines Day | B.U. BEAUTY Brand


Plan some quality time with your loved one—cook their favourite meal, watch their favourite movie with them, take a class together (i.e., cooking, dancing), go for a nice walk/jog together. Spend a day playing there favourite video game. Plan your next vacay. Have a spa day (or a home spa day - light some candles, put on a face mask & have a glass of fizz).

Beauty Brushes 3 | B.U. BEAUTY Brand


Is your loved one a makeup lover, or perhaps someone who would love to learn makeup how to’s?

Flawless makeup look simply can’t be achieved without a proper makeup tools.

How about gifting the makeup brush set(s). Not like a traditional makeup brushes - brush sets are packed in 100% recyclable, reusable packaging (no single use plastic insight). It’s also 100% vegan, cruelty free & naturally hypoallergenic. The gift that can be used daily and that will last for years.


Choosing an eco-friendly Valentine's Day gift is an admirable choice and sharing this choice with those around you is applaudable. Don’t also forget to gift yourself one of these great items this season of love (you totally deserve it).

 Shop sustainably. 

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