Our Brushes

The B.U.beauty Brushes are luxury re-defined. Silky soft, vegan, cruelty-free, with a proud eco-conscious badge. 

Our brushes are 100% synthetic, durable, and hypoallergenic. Each brush head carries a unique bristle design that requires minimal effort and pressure, meaning you use less product along the way. The bristles utilise the newest technology to form ultra luxurious synthetic strands, using eco-conscious adhesive, paints and dyes. From perfect pick up and product deposit with laser precision, your B.U Beauty brushes will become your artist for you. 

Many brushes (and we mean hundreds on the market) are often the cause of allergies and irritations. For those with sensitive skin, this means it is often uncomfortable to use makeup on the daily. And so they don’t. We’re here to change that and help you fall in love with the art of application.  

Why can so many brushes cause irritations? Well, when they’re made from real fur from animal-derived furs such as goat, mink, and squirrel - these being the main ones, it can create a breeding ground for bacteria if not washed properly. Even if you wash thoroughly after every use, being a natural hair means that it naturally harvests bacteria. Did you also know that many people are allergic to real fur brushes without even realising it, and unknowingly break out? How many times have you had a breakout or slight reaction and have been unable to find the source, simply putting it down to the makeup you use?!

So go for synthetic and be kind to your skin, knowing that each time you make contact with your face, you are taking care and kindness to it, with no animals and animal by-products used in the process. Our brushes are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. No single-use plastic will ever be a part of our range, with all packaging recyclable and reusable.